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Book Lorraine to Speak

Presentations and Training Can be Customized for Your Audience!


Lorraine has spoken to parents, educators, legislators, military personnel, pediatricians, and government officials on topics ranging from advocacy to legislation, and how to help families navigate the special education process.  Her dynamic speaking style and wealth of knowledge have influenced top education policy makers and politicians. 


Now she is available to share her knowledge of dyslexia and the special education process with your group! Her mission is to help serve the 1 in 5 children with dyslexia through awareness, education, and action!

Top Requested Topics Include:

  • What is Dyslexia?

  • The Educational Implications of Dyslexia for  Teachers & Administrators

  • How to Effectively Advocate for your Child

  • The Difference between 504 Plans & IEPs

  • Advancing Advocacy Efforts through Resolutions & Legislation

  • How to Support Pediatric Patients with Disabilities


Not Sure What You Need?

Schedule a Discovery Call. We will listen to the needs of your organization and together we can decide on a customized presentation.

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