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Dyslexia Advocacy Services
Serving Families of Students with Dyslexia in Three Ways
1. Our Comprehensive Advocacy Package

The "Don't Go It Alone" advocacy package relieves parents of the burden of being special education and dyslexia experts.  Our certified dyslexia advocate Lorraine Hightower and her team take the wheel to ensure your child gets the education they need.  We take care of everything, from requesting an evaluation from the school to attending school meetings and ensuring appropriate services and accommodations are put in place.  You can rest assured that your child's education is in the care of professionals who put your child's needs first


 Take a look at our FAQs, then let's talk to learn if working with us is right for your family.  

Our client Joseph explains our comprehensive approach and the difference it makes! 

"She took a holistic approach, interviewing us about our son in-depth, reviewing samples of his previous school work, and reviewing the previous evaluation we had done. We had pre-planning meetings before we met with the school to develop in detail what our plan was and exactly what outcomes we were looking for. When we met with the school, she took the lead and made sure the school understood our intentions. She always came prepared; impressively so.


To sum it up, we will absolutely use Lorraine in the future; we know for a fact that we wouldn't have been as successful getting our son's IEP where it needed to be without her."


Parent of a 3rd grader

The Results Speak for Themselves...

95% of clients have had an appropriate plan put into place.

Over half of the families we work with decide to keep us on their team year after year so that their new educational plan stays on track.

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2. Parent Consultation
This consultation provides you with the answers you need today, while also giving you more information to decide if hiring a professional dyslexia advocate is the best next step for you.
Here's what you can look forward to: 
  • Document Review
         Lorraine will review your child's most recent IEP, evaluation, district assessments, eligibility documents, or other relevant documents to get a full understanding of your child's needs. Please choose the three most relevant documents to submit for review. 
  • Professional Recommendations
         Using what she has learned about your child's unique needs Lorraine will share her professional recommendations for your child's education. 
  • 60 Minute Consultation
        You will have up to 60 minutes to discuss your child's personal situation, receive Lorraine's personal advice, and ask any questions you may have.
  • Actionable Next Steps
        You will leave this consultation knowing what your next advocacy steps should be. You will leave with a plan!
  • Honest Assessment & No Obligation
        Integrity is a core tenet of this advocacy practice.  You will be provided an honest assessment as to whether Lorraine thinks we will be able to help your child.  There is no obligation to work with us beyond our initial consultation.
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The fee for this service is $497.

Please provide your three documents to  at least 3-5 business days prior to your consultation.
3. Online Parent Training

Do you want to learn how to become a more effective parent advocate?

Our self-paced online training program, The Dyslexia Advocacy Advantage, provides parents with all of the information and tools to learn how to advocate like a professional.  Plus, the program guides parents through applying what they learn to their own child's situation, giving parents an Action Plan to use when advocating at their next school meeting. 

Learn more about our online training to decide if it is time to become a more effective parent advocate.

Not Sure What You Need?

Schedule a Parent Consultation or a Discovery Call.  We will listen to your concerns about your child and together we can decide which of our services is the best fit for your needs.

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