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Top 10 Signs of Dyslexia

Parents Often Miss

Is your child struggling with reading and spelling?  


Could it be Dyslexia?

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Let's get your dyslexic child the
Services and Support
they need to 
Learn And Thrive

in school!

Do You Suspect Your Child Might Have Dyslexia?

Is your bright and capable child falling behind in school?

Does your child have difficulty with reading and/or spelling?

Is homework a nightmare often ending in tears?

Are you beginning to realize that if you don't step in, your child may be lost in the public school system?

That was Lorraine's story too.  

Listen as Lorraine explains her personal journey that inspires our professional mission. 

How a Professional Dyslexia Advocate Can Help

Getting your child the services and support they need in school can be daunting, stressful, complex, and time-consuming.

A Certified Dyslexia Advocate can help:

  • understand your child's unique needs and uncover what is keeping them from reaching their full potential

  • create a custom educational plan that will work best for their unique learning profile

  • build relationships and facilitate conversations at school meetings to get desired results

  • provide guidance and support to parents as we work together to resolve any conflicts

  • work tirelessly to obtain the appropriate special education support and services your child needs to succeed 

Not Sure Where to Start? 

The best place to start is with a conversation.

Advocacy is a personal journey.  Everyone's trip is a little bit different. 


For that reason, the best advocacy services are personalized just for you and your family. 


Let's get to know each other through a conversation so that you know exactly what step to take next!

What Our Clients Say

 I have worked with several advocates and Lorraine is by far the most competent and effective advocate to get students the services they need. Lorraine is THE reason my child received 1-on-1 OG during middle school, and she truly is the best of the best.


Parent of a 9th grader

Once Lorraine joined the process, they finally listened to me (the parent), the school district's Dyslexia experts, and the research.


Parent of a 6th grader

 It was all so overwhelming...When I met Lorraine it was like a huge weight, that I had been carrying for over 4 years,  was lifted off my shoulders because she handled everything. 

Parent of a 5th grader

 She was caring and compassionate, explained issues, the process and our options thoroughly and clearly. We never felt rushed or pressed for time. She really made the IEP meetings bearable. I would recommend her 100% of the time, without hesitation!


Parent of a 9th grader

After working with Lorraine and her team for over a year, Liz knows the value of

comprehensive and collaborative advocacy services. 

Kari and Kylie

You can't assume that the public school system will just take care of your child's needs.


Having an advocate ensures that your child is set up for success with the proper plan in place.


We were not familiar with the process or the resources available (or not available), but Lorraine guided us through the entire journey and always kept us informed every step of the way.


Parent of a 5th grader

1 in 5

Students in Every Classroom May Have Dyslexia


Of Children with Poor Reading Skills are Likely Dyslexic


Of the Population Nationwide is Dyslexic


Of Non-Readers Drop Out of High School

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