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Isn't it time to leave the stress and worry behind? 
Get next level support for a full year!

Whatever It Takes
Advocacy Package

Does this sound like you?

You are overwhelmed with the Special Education Process at your child's school.

You want to help your child get the education they deserve, but what you have tried just isn't working.

You need an expert who is available to give you hands on support for a full school year.

You'd like someone you can trust to have your child's best interests at heart. 

You'd like professional representation at every school meeting to ensure your concerns about your child are heard.

You don't have the time or the desire to independently navigate the special education journey alone.

If those statements sound familiar, 
we are here to help! 

Book your complimentary Discovery Call today to talk to Lorraine. 


The Whatever It Takes Package is for parents who want annual, comprehensive educational support or may have complex advocacy needs. This plan provides all of the services in our Don't Go It Alone plan plus consultations and meeting attendance as needed for a full year as well as progress monitoring and advocacy support for any bumps in the road.

This Package Includes: 
  • Educational Profile Review of your child's educational data to determine needs​

  • Deep Dive Interview with your advocate to determine goals and create an advocacy plan


  • Personalized Recommendations for services and/or supports to be included in an IEP or 504 Plan

  • Exhaustive Preparation prior to all school meetings

  • Consultation with Outside Providers and other existing members of your child's educational team

  • Strategy Sessions with your advocate prior to school meetings

  • Collaborative Representation at school meetings

  • Debrief after school meetings

  • Review of Drafts and Final IEP and explanation of consent options

  • Custom Documents for correspondence with the school

  • Resources for dispute resolution

  • Consultations, as needed, with your advocate through our easy online scheduling system

  • Email and text your advocate

  • Progress Monitoring to ensure your child's plan is implemented with fidelity and working for them

  • Quarterly Check-In meetings to discuss your child's progress

  • Collaborative Representation at the Annual IEP/504 Review meeting

  • Dispute Resolution planning and Strategy Session

  • Collaborative Representation at Mediation or Administrative Review meeting

  • Assistance Drafting state and Office of Civil Rights (OCR) complaints

  • Educational & Advocacy Support for a full year!

Let's talk about whether this package is right for you.

It's Time to Get Hands-On

Educational & Advocacy Support You Can Trust

Personalized to Fit Your Family's Needs
Lorraine knows no two families are the same.  During your in-depth Deep Dive Parent Interview Lorraine gets to know your family, your goals for your child, and develops an advocacy strategy that suits you.
Expert Analysis 
Of course, no two children are the same either!  Lorraine will spend as much time as necessary to comprehensively review your child's educational history, testing, and documentation so that she understands exactly what your dyslexic child needs to succeed in school.  Lorraine's next level service also includes reviews of all proposed documents and additional data prior to every school meeting.  Lorraine's thorough preparation and expert analysis allows you to show up to every meeting empowered to make meaningful decisions for your child's education. 
Educational Planning
Here's where Lorraine's services differ from other educational advocates.  Lorraine is a dyslexia expert.  She knows what educational programs are evidence based to work for children with dyslexia and how those programs need to be administered to be effective.  Lorraine's expertise allows her to recommend services and accommodations that make a real difference for children with dyslexia. 
Support Every Step of the Way
Prior to your child's school meeting, Lorraine will meet with you to review your advocacy strategy and ensure that you feel prepared for the next step in the special education process. Lorraine is prepared to support you and guide you through dispute resolution options if that is necessary.
Professional & Collaborative Representation  
Lorraine has built a reputation as being a collaborative advocate who works well with school teams to get the best results possible for the student.  She uses her understanding of dyslexia and expert analysis of your child's educational data to represent your child's needs accurately to the team and advocate for the services and accommodations that fit those needs. 
Comprehensive Service 
Our advocacy packages are built to include everything you need to get results with simple, upfront pricing.  Lorraine has built a reputation for ensuring that her clients' children get the IEP or 504 Plan they need to make meaningful progress in school.  That is a result of her "outcome-based" approach to advocacy.  Rather than working by the hour, she works toward an outcome. Whether you work with us for a few months or a full year, Lorraine will do everything it takes to get the results your child needs to learn and thrive in school.  
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The Results Speak for Themselves...

82% of our clients have come back to work with me again.

98% of our clients have seen their children go on to succeed in the public school system.

99% of clients Lorraine has personally served have had an appropriate plan put into place.

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