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Stop the Reading Struggle

Discover the Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make

When Requesting Help for Their Struggling Reader  

(And Learn What to Do Instead!)

February 22, 2024
7 pm
Live Virtual Event

Brought to you by Lorraine M. Hightower, LLC

Dyslexia Advocates and Consultants

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Is this for me?

This Masterclass is for you if: 

You want to stop worrying that your child, who is a struggling reader and speller, will be left behind by the school system.

You want your child to stop struggling to keep up with their peers in school. 

You want to finally put the pieces together to ensure your child gets the appropriate education they deserve.

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You will learn how to get your child the education they need to

During this free, 60 minute masterclass, you will learn: 

  • The 5 mistakes most parents make when trying to get help from the school for their struggling student. 

  • Tips to avoid every one of these pitfalls.

  • The secret to ensuring your child gets the support they need in school. 

Register Now For This LIVE Event
February 22, 2024         7 pm         Live Virtual Event

Who is Lorraine Hightower, and how can she help me figure out how to get help for my child?

Lorraine Hightower

Certified Dyslexia Advocate and consultant, state leader who helped pass important dyslexia legislation, and a Mom who has “been there”!


Serving children with dyslexia is Lorraine’s passion.  Her son Jonathan has dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD.  While teachers saw her son's disability as early as 1st grade, because her son was a 'good kid' with 'good grades', he was initially denied eligibility for special education services & accommodations.  She has been where you are~ struggling to help her child succeed in school.


From that personal experience, she has spent over a decade advocating for her son and private clients so that their children with dyslexia can have a free and appropriate public education.  She understands dyslexia, the services children with dyslexia need to succeed in school, and how to navigate the special education system.

  • 10+ years of experience advocating for children with dyslexia

  • 95% of her private clients received an effective educational plan

  • $100,000+ in compensatory services negotiated for her clients in the last year alone!


Ready to
and get your child the help they need in school? 

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February 22, 2024         7 pm        Live Virtual Event
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