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Five Signs That It's Time to Get an Advocate Involved

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Parents often say,

“How do I know it’s time to get an advocate involved? Maybe I’m just overreacting and things aren’t that bad.”

Trust your gut.

No one knows your child better than you. If you believe there is a problem, there probably is one- you just need help defining the problem and collaborating with the school team to find a solution.

If you are experiencing one or more of these 5 signs, it is probably time to get an advocate involved:

1️⃣ You know there is something wrong, but your child hasn't been found eligible for special education services and/or accommodations. You are having trouble showing the school team that your child needs services and support to learn and keep up with their peers.

2️⃣ Your child hates school, now has anxiety, and homework always ends in tears.

3️⃣ Your child is repeatedly disciplined and the school team thinks they have behavior issues. Behavior issues are often a result of an underlying disability that is not being properly addressed.

4️⃣ You no longer feel heard or comfortable going to meetings alone. Communication can break down between families and school teams. Having an advocate attend meetings with you can aid collaboration and effective problem-solving.

If you are experiencing any or all of these 5 signs, don’t despair. There is hope for your child and your family!

We have seen firsthand the amazing difference that an Educational Advocate can make in the lives of children and their families. Click here to read some of the testimonials of parents we’ve worked with. These comments may provide the hope and inspiration you may need in considering the next steps for your child.

Once you’ve determined that it is time to get an advocate involved, we encourage you to do your research about educational advocacy.

Start with our series of blogs about hiring an advocate.

Be sure to follow this guide to Hiring a Qualified Educational Advocate and use the interview questions that are included.

We wish you and your family all the best in your advocacy journey!


Are you worried that your dyslexic child is falling behind in school? Are you ready to see your child learn and thrive? If so, we can help! Our advocacy practice has helped countless families transform the lives of their children, and create more peace and harmony at home.

While it isn’t always easy, it CAN happen, and we will support you every step of the way. Let’s Talk about how we can help your family!


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