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Lorraine Hightower

Dyslexia Advocate & Consultant

Lorraine Hightower advocates for parents of children with Specific Learning Disabilities - specializing in dyslexia. 

Collaboration is the Hallmark of Lorraine’s Approach 

Lorraine works with parents, school staff and administrators to create a positive relationship that ensures the best possible outcome for the child. She assists families at every stage of the special education process and remains dedicated to her mission - to ensure that the 1 in 5 children with dyslexia have the supports and services they need to be successful. 


Lorraine is a recognized dyslexia advocate with proven success, supporting children of all ages with the disorder. Through personal outreach she continues to inform and influence local education leaders, legislators and community members on best practices for children with specific learning disabilities. She has been instrumental in affecting change both locally and statewide.


Lorraine Knows From Personal Experience

After her own son - who has dyslexia, ADHD and dysgraphia - was found ineligible for special education supports and services, she felt helpless and afraid for his future. Not willing to settle for low expectations for her son, she spent her days researching dyslexia. 


She learned:

  • That dyslexia is the most common learning disability and that our public school teachers have had little to no training in the science of reading or best practices for accommodating students with this disability.

  • Just how critical it is for children with dyslexia to have effective structured literacy instruction, appropriate accommodations, as well as assisstive technology training and support to level the playing field. 

  • The earlier the child receives appropriate intervention, the better!

Expert - Identification and Remediation - Specific Learning Disabilities

 Lorraine Hightower is certified, as follows:

  • Certified Dyslexia Advocate - The Dyslexia Training Institute in San Diego, California.

  • Special Education Advocacy Certification -  Law School at William & Mary University

  • Advanced Knowledge Specialist Certificate - International Dyslexia Association

  • Bachelor of Science - University of South Carolina

  • Trained Mediator - Northern Virginia Mediation Services (NVMS) 

Awards & Achievements

  • Honorary Life Membership to the Virginia State PTA for improving the welfare of children across the state 

  • Child Advocate of the Year award - Virginia State Parent and Teachers Association  

  • Friend of Education designation - Loudoun Education Association

  • Helped her son’s elementary school receive two national awards for establishing an effective ‘parent-school partnership.’ 

  • Helped pass Virginia’s four state laws on dyslexia to benefit both students and teachers.

Volunteer Advocacy & Professional Affiliations

  • Board Member for the Virginia Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (VBIDA)

  • Council of Parent Attorneys & Advocates (COPAA)

  • State leader for Decoding Dyslexia Virginia (DDVA)

  • Loudoun County School Board Special Education Advisory ‘Ad Hoc’ Committee 

  • Chair, Immediate Past Chair & Member of Loudoun County Public Schools Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Lorraine has also been a parent trainer for the Virginia PTA, the VA Department of Education, the VA Board for People with Disabilities and the Virginia Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC).


Her dyslexia advocacy and consulting business is based out of Lansdowne, Virginia with a focus on serving children in Frederick, Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William and Fauquier counties.  

"I have built my advocacy services on the knowledge that with appropriate intervention and accommodations—the earlier the better—your child with dyslexia can thrive in school and in life. I’ve studied it, I’ve seen it with my clients and I’ve lived it with my own son. I believe in what I do with my whole heart. That’s what keeps me going and it’s never too late!

​Having been through the Special Education Process as a parent, I have a deep appreciation for how arduous the journey can be. I respect that the advocacy path is different for each child and each family. I will always offer my best professional advice, yet ultimately the decisions along the way will always be yours to make."

​As we work together, I promise to maintain a positive attitude, always act ethically on your behalf and keep your child’s best interest as my focus. With this support, I hope you will have peace of mind.

A Personal Note From Lorraine


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