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You've Received Your Child's Private Evaluation. 

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Now What?

Common Questions

from Parents like YOU 

Does a diagnosis mean my child will receive special education services in school?

What are the next steps in the special education process? 

How can I ensure my child gets the services and support they need?

Certified Dyslexia Advocate, Lorraine Hightower, answers some of your top questions.

Don't Get Lost in the Special Education Process! 

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"This Roadmap helps parents understand what to expect every step of the way!"
Parent of a 6th Grader

Learn More

Our Ask the Advocate blog provides the answers special education families need.  While we encourage you to explore all of our articles, we think you'll find the following information about evaluations especially helpful. 

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How do students get special education services?

The initial referral is a critical first step in acquiring the services and support your child needs in school.

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What is an evaluation?

The evaluation is critical to every step in the special education process.


Evaluation & Special Education Eligibility

An evaluation is critical to determining if your child qualifies for special education, but there is more to consider.

Is it time to talk to someone who knows?

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Our Parent Consultation allows parents of children with dyslexia the opportunity to speak to a special education expert who can provide personal recommendations for their child.  

If your child has dyslexia, we can help ensure that they receive the
individualized support they need to learn and thrive in school! 

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