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Client FAQs

How can I schedule Lorraine’s attendance at my child’s school meetings? 

  • Melissa is happy to personally schedule your school meetings!  Please email her at with the possible meeting dates/times you receive from your school team.  She will do her best to make your requested time work or propose new dates/times for you to suggest to the school team. 

How can I schedule Strategy Sessions or extra consultations with Lorraine

  • Melissa is happy to schedule your Strategy Sessions and consultations with Lorraine whenever they are necessary.  Please email her at with a brief synopsis of what you would like to meet about and she will offer times when Lorraine is available to meet with you. 

What should I do to prepare for my meetings with Lorraine?

  • To make the most of your meeting time with Lorraine, please be sure that Lorraine has the most up to date information about your child or most recent documents from the school.  

  • If  you schedule a Strategy Session for an IEP meeting, please request a Draft IEP from your school team prior to your child’s IEP meeting.  It should be made available to you at least two days prior to your meeting.  Please send the draft IEP to Melissa prior to your Strategy Session.

If I have multiple questions and/or a document for Lorraine to review, should I just email her? 

  • Yes! If the answers you require are not time-sensitive, Lorraine will address these during your next scheduled consultation or Strategy Session.  If you need answers right away, please email Melissa to schedule a consultation.  We will schedule the consultation about 5-7 business days after you have provided the document or questions to us.  This will allow Lorraine sufficient time to review the document or concerns and compile valuable feedback to share with you at your consultation. 

  • Lorraine is available to answer quick emails and texts, requiring less than 15 minutes during regular business hours.


What if I have an emergency and I need Lorraine right away?

  • Educational advocacy often has emergency situations and tight deadlines.  We will do our best to serve you when these situations arise.  If you have an emergency, please text or email us and we will work to address your issue as quickly as possible.  Please understand that we triage parent requests in order to meet our clients’ most urgent needs first. 


What if I need additional consultations beyond what is included in my package? 

  • Lorraine would be pleased to meet with you if you need extra support!  These additional consultations are available at the hourly rate outlined in your advocacy agreement. 

  • If you find that you would like to upgrade your package within the first 60 days of service, you may apply your current package price toward the cost of the upgraded package. 


What are your regular business hours?

  • Lorraine is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.  

  • Melissa is available on a part-time basis Monday through Friday.

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