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Start your journey to create an EDUCATIONAL TRANSFORMATION for your child!

Now is your opportunity to join us... 

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Ready to
Stop Worrying
& Start
Taking Action?
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Gain the knowledge and tools to create a plan for your dyslexic child's unique needs so that they can learn and thrive in school

This group coaching experience will begin September 27, 2021.
Only a limited number of participants will be accepted. 


Transforming Your Child's Education
My Proven Framework to Create the Educational Plan Your Dyslexic Child Needs

Start Your Transformation Today: 

Interactive Instruction & Support

6 LIVE Webinars with Q&A

6 LIVE Weekly Coaching Sessions 

Weekly Feedback on your Advocacy Action Plan 

Access to our private Facebook group for peer support


Professionally Developed Tools

Advocacy Action Plan with 4 Critical Tools

Professionally created tools and templates

Resources and guides to support your live instruction

Online Classroom with access to replays and all of your resources 

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Bonus Content

Bonus LIVE Seminar-

Mindset Matters with Corinne Coppola

Bonus Gift-

Advocacy Action Plan Binder


Bonus Training Series-

Top 3 Advocacy Challenges

Do you ever find yourself up at night, worried that your dyslexic child is falling behind in school, but not sure how to help them? 


That was my story too...

I understand what it is like to have a child with a failing educational plan.  I've been there.  

If you are here, you are probably feeling the same way I did: 

       WORRIED that my child will be left behind by the public school system

       SAD that what came easy to some children was a constant struggle for my son

       FRUSTRATED that whatever help I could get didn't seem to be working

       OVERWHELMED by the pain my family was experiencing because my son was struggling 

       ANGRY that I didn't know how to help my son and my family

Your child's failing educational plan is wreaking havoc.  

And Deep Down Inside...

You know that time spent in struggle is time wasted in not taking action.

Your hesitation to take action is affecting your

child's future.

Now the real shifts begin...

You are ready to gain the knowledge and tools to create

a successful educational plan for your child! 

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Find what works 
...and work it! 

You need a proven system and clear guidance to help you make that shift from overwhelmed to empowered! 

Successful Meeting

Introducing The Dyslexia Advocacy Advantage


The Dyslexia Advocacy Advantage is the result of over a decade spent advocating for families of students with dyslexia.  It is an opportunity for you to learn my proven system for creating an educational plan that WORKS! During this 6 week group coaching experience you will gain the knowledge and tools to create a plan for your dyslexic child's unique needs so that they can learn and thrive in school and you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what your child needs to succeed! 

Imagine what it will feel like...

...when you can sleep at night knowing that your child is getting the education that is appropriate for their needs

...when homework doesn't lead to tears and tantrums

...when your child's confidence soars and they can beam with pride at their academic accomplishments

...when peace settles over your home because no one is arguing about school 

...when you can confidently discuss your child's needs with school staff

All of this is not only possible, it is probable,

when you join me in

The Dyslexia Advocacy Advantage. 

Lorraine helped my family in a time when we did not have much hope.

 She was able to work with us and get our son everything he needed at school, which the school system had not been giving him. We finally feel that there is hope for him.

Save your family so much heartache and anxiety and gain your child precious time.

I can't recommend her enough to anyone who suspects a learning disability in their child.  

She's an amazing combination of kindness, conviction, consistency, intelligence, knowledge, and grit.

She knows dyslexia. She knows the law. She knows the local school systems. She knows how to transform the IEP process for traumatized parents. She changes the life trajectory for the children she advocates for.

The Dyslexia Advocacy Advantage Curriculum

You will learn:

My proven framework for success which includes 3 Key Knowledge Points. They are Understanding Dyslexia, Gathering & Interpreting Information and Creating a Plan.  When you master all three of these areas you are empowered to advocate, confident in your knowledge, and can meaningfully collaborate with your child's school team. 

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You will create:

An Action Plan, which includes the 4 critical tools listed below, to help you personalize what you've learned. By the end of 6 weeks you will have been guided through a series of 6 activities that will leave you with a personalized plan for YOUR child's educational so that they can close their educational gap and begin to thrive in school. 

LIVE Enrollment Training Webinar (10).png

To create our program we have broken down the 3 Key Knowledge Points in our Framework over 6 weeks, so that we can be sure you have time to learn and apply what you've learned each week to your create your personalized Action Plan.

LIVE Enrollment Training Webinar (12).png

We have built into The Dyslexia Advocacy Advantage all of the knowledge, tools, resources and support you need to make creating a plan for your child as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

LIVE Enrollment Training Webinar (8).png

What's Included...

Over a



Interactive Instruction

  • LIVE Monday evening webinar with Lorraine covering our Dyslexia Advocacy Advantage Framework

  • Q&A with Lorraine after each LIVE webinar

  • LIVE Wednesday evening group coaching session

  • Personalized feedback on your Action Plan every Friday

Professionally Developed Tools

  • Your Action Plan, including the 4 critical tools needed to understand what your child needs to succeed

  • Templates to make applying what you learn easy

  • Resources and guides to support and enrich your weekly LIVE instruction

  • Online learning service that allows you to review all of the webinars and access resources beyond the end of the 6 week program

Next Level Support

  • Opportunity to ask your questions after every live session

  • Weekly group coaching calls with Lorraine so that she can help you develop your personalized Action Plan

  • Direct, individualized feedback directly in your Action Plan document to ensure that you are always on the right track

  • Access to our private Facebook group for peer support during the program

  • Emotional support from our partner, Wellness Coach Corinne Coppola

  • Because this is our pilot program, this level of personalized support may never be offered again!

Our Pilot Program Pricing includes all of this for only $1597.

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Now, you have a decision to make...
Which door do you choose? 

Door #1: Go It Alone

You can continue on the path you are on- the one that leads to sleepless nights and a larger academic gap for your child. 

You can continue to lay your trust in others instead of empowering yourself. 

You can try to piece together a way to help your child, instead of going with a proven framework. 


Door #2: Let's Make a Plan

You can join us in The Dyslexia Advocacy Advantage. 

You can gain the knowledge and tools you need to make the right decisions for your child's education. 

You can have professional support every step of the way! 

If you are choosing Door 2, Congratulations!

Begin your child's educational transformation now!

This program begins on September 27, 2021. 

Do not miss this opportunity to work with us to create a plan that fits your child's educational needs.  

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