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Advocacy Package

You or your child’s teacher suspect your child may have a learning disability. Or maybe you now have a dyslexia diagnosis in hand. How can you help your child?


This package is for you if you have the time and interest to navigate the special education process on your own yet want guidance from a trained special education advocate.

This comprehensive consultation will provide you with information essential to your understanding of the special education process, your child's unique needs and recommendations for how to effectively advocate for your child. Having an advocacy plan for your child, along with experienced guidance and enhanced knowledge, will provide you with confidence and peace of mind as you ensure that your child receives the appropriate education that they deserve.


You will learn how to navigate the special education process and understand your child's unique needs so you understand all you need to know to  obtain the special education supports and services that are best for your child. 


​You will be a strong advocate for your child’s success!

You Will Receive
  • A comprehensive review of your child's educational profile to include county and/or private testing, teacher assessments, report cards and provided work samples.​

  • A deep-dive parent interview to discuss achievement goals, your child's strengths, and concerns about your child's current school performance and explore desired outcomes.

  • An in depth, 90 minute strategy meeting to discuss special education regulations,  your rights as a parent/guardian of a child with a disability and advocacy techniques for how to best meet your child's unique needs at their Child Study, Eligibility, IEP or 504 meeting. 

  • Recommended action steps and customized special education resources to support your child's unique needs. 

  •  Information on all dispute resolution options so you are empowered with Plan B.

  • Guidance documents for school correspondence necessary for expediting the special education process as well as qualified answers to your questions.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Lorraine. She will listen to your concerns about your child and together you can decide which of her services are the best fit for you and your family.

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