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Personalized to Fit Your Family's Needs
Lorraine knows no two families are the same.  During your in-depth Deep Dive Parent Interview Lorraine gets to know your family, your goals for your child, and develops an advocacy strategy that suits you.
Expert Analysis 
Of course, no two children are the same either!  Lorraine will spend as much time as necessary to comprehensively review your child's educational history, testing, and documentation so that she understands exactly what your dyslexic child needs to succeed in school.  Lorraine's next level service also includes reviews of all proposed documents and additional data prior to every school meeting.  Lorraine's thorough preparation and expert analysis allows you to show up to every meeting empowered to make meaningful decisions for your child's education. 
Educational Planning
Here's where Lorraine's services differ from other educational advocates.  Lorraine is a dyslexia expert.  She knows what educational programs are evidence based to work for children with dyslexia and how those programs need to be administered to be effective.  Lorraine's expertise allows her to recommend services and accommodations that make a real difference for children with dyslexia. 
Support Every Step of the Way
Prior to your child's school meeting, Lorraine will meet with you to review your advocacy strategy and ensure that you feel prepared for the next step in the special education process. 
Professional & Collaborative Representation  
Lorraine has built a reputation as being a collaborative advocate who works well with school teams to get the best results possible for the student.  She uses her understanding of dyslexia and expert analysis of your child's educational data to represent your child's needs accurately to the team and advocate for the services and accommodations that fit those needs. 
Package Details
This Package Includes: 
  • A complete review of your child's educational documents including all prior Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), 504 Plans, Progress Reports, Quarterly Assessments and school correspondence.


  • A deep-dive parent interview to discuss achievement goals, your child's strengths, and concerns about your child's current school performance and explore desired outcomes.


  • Sample documents for school correspondence necessary for expediting the special education process.


  • Two (2) 60 minute strategy sessions prior to your child's school meetings so that you know what to expect as well as guidance for all areas of potential disagreement.

  • All pre-meeting preparation to include review of all relevant district created documentation (i.e. additional assessment data, IEP/504 Plan drafts, Prior Written Notices & proposed curriculums).


  • Attendance at your child's initial school team meeting (LSC, Child Study, etc.), their Eligibility Meeting and IEP or 504 Meetings . (Includes up to 6 hours of meeting attendance)


  • Guidance and assistance to collaboratively develop an effective Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan for your child; includes review of all school provided draft documents with recommendations.


  • Debrief after Eligibility, IEP or 504 meeting with recommended advocacy next steps and effective resources.


  • Resources for all Dispute Resolution options as desired by parent.


  • Access to your personal advocate via email and text.

paid over 4 months

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99% of clients Lorraine has personally served have had an appropriate plan put into place.

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