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Isn't It
Time to
Have Someone
in Your Corner? 

Don't Go It Alone
Advocacy Package

The Don't Go It Alone Package is for parents who would like a professional advocate to help create and ensure the implementation of an effective educational plan for their dyslexic child.


This package provides ample time for school meetings & strategizing with your advocate

PLUS all of the "behind the scenes" preparation time your advocate needs to show up fully and get the results families desire.  This package can take you from eligibility or evaluation to creating an IEP or 504 Plan that parents feel comfortable signing.

This Package Includes: 
  • Educational Profile Review of your child's educational data to determine needs​

  • Deep Dive Interview with your advocate to determine goals and create an advocacy plan (up to 90 minutes)


  • Personalized Recommendations for services and/or supports to be included in an IEP or 504 Plan

  • Consultation with a tutor or outside provider (up to 60 minutes)

  • Exhaustive Preparation prior to all school meetings

  • Strategy Sessions with your advocate prior to school meetings (includes three 60-minute strategy sessions)

  • Collaborative Representation at school meetings (up to 6 hours of meeting attendance)

  • Debrief after school meetings (up to 30 minutes each)

  • Review of Drafts and Final IEP and explanation of consent options

  • Custom Documents for correspondence with the school (up to 3 hours of advocate time)

  • Flexibility to add more services if desired

  • Resources for dispute resolution​


Choose the payment option that fits your family's needs.

Paid In Full


By submitting your full payment, you will save over $600 on the comprehensive advocacy support your child needs.

Third Party Funding

$310/mo. or less

Comprehensive advocacy services should be accessible to all families.  We've partnered with a consulting group that can find the funding solution that is right for you! Find out if you pre-qualify in only minutes. 

In-House Payment Plan

$3,500 deposit

$1000 for the next 4 months

This option allows you to get started on your advocacy journey immediately while spreading the investment out over time. 

Ready to Get Started? 

Need More Information?

Review Our FAQs

We've compiled the top questions parents have when they consider bringing us on their team.  Why do we work through packages? Why do we only serve students with dyslexia?  Check out our FAQs to find out! 

Download A Sample Agreement

This is a sample agreement for a Paid In Full Don’t Go It Alone package.  If you choose a different way to pay the last page of the agreement which outlines the payment schedule will be different.  The main part of the agreement will be the same. 

Read Our Blogs

Need more information about hiring an advocate?  We've created a series of blogs full of information parents need to find a qualified advocate to serve their family.


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It's Time to Get Hands-On

Advocacy Support You Can Trust

Personalized to Fit Your Family's Needs
We know no two families are the same.  During your in-depth Deep Dive Parent Interview we get to know your family, and your goals for your child and develop an advocacy strategy that suits you.
Expert Analysis 
Of course, no two children are the same either!  We will spend as much time as necessary to comprehensively review your child's educational history, testing, and documentation so that she understands exactly what your dyslexic child needs to succeed in school.  Our next-level service also includes reviews of all proposed documents and additional data prior to every school meeting.  Our thorough preparation and expert analysis allows you to show up to every meeting empowered to make meaningful decisions for your child's education. 
Educational Planning
Here's where our services differ from other educational advocates.  We are dyslexia experts.  We know what educational programs are evidence-based to work for children with dyslexia and how those programs need to be administered to be effective.  Our expertise allows us to recommend services and accommodations that make a real difference for children with dyslexia. 
Support Every Step of the Way
Prior to your child's school meetings, we will meet with you to review your advocacy strategy and ensure that you feel prepared for the next step in the special education process. 
Professional & Collaborative Representation  
Lorraine Hightower has built a reputation as a collaborative advocate who works well with school teams to get the best results possible for the student.  We use an understanding of dyslexia and expert analysis of your child's educational data to represent your child's needs accurately to the team and advocate for the services and accommodations that fit those needs. 
Comprehensive Service 
Our advocacy package is built to include what you need to get results with simple, upfront pricing.  We have built a reputation for ensuring that clients' children get the IEP or 504 Plan they need to make meaningful progress in school.  That is a result of our "outcome-based" approach to advocacy.  Rather than working by the hour, we work toward an outcome. Whether you work with us for a few months or for years, we will do everything it takes to get the results your child needs to learn and thrive in school.  
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